Day in the Life

1 Jul

Hey all. I haven’t had a whole lot of material to write about lately. Here’s a day in the life of Erica, in particular this past Friday.

8am – Woke up. I don’t have work today so I got to sleep in! Alex is working an early day (he usually works second shift) so he’ll be going into work this morning. Boosh jumps in the bed with us and we play with him for a bit until Alex gets up and gets ready for work.
8:45am – I’m out of bed. Time to shower and get ready for the day. Alex leaves for work.
9:20am – out the door for the day. First stop: DMV! (BOO) My license is up for renewal.
9:45am – Arrived at the DMV. I grab my number. I’m number 72, they are still somewhere in the 40’s. Whatever. I check my emails while I wait.
10:40am – OUT! With my new (and for the first time, brunette) license in hand! To the grocery store.
10:50am – at the store. I don’t need a ton of stuff. I just stock up on produce and coffee creamer for Alex. I am in and out of the store in less than 30 minutes, which is probably my record.
11:35am – Home. I put the groceries away and eat some lunch. Boosh follows me around for a bit but goes to sleep on his perch when I try to play with him. Loser. I love him. <3
12:25pm – I decide to book a wine class for Alex and I for the weekend. We bought a Groupon months ago for the place around the corner and we still haven’t used it. I book our class and daydream for a moment about yummy wine. Then I decide my toilet needs a deep cleaning, and the weeds in my garden need to be pulled.
1PM – Boosh starts following me around and meowing excessively and I can tell he needs something to do. I spray his perch with some catnip which mellows him out a bit. We play with the laser and he fails miserably at catching the red dot. Then we snuggle on the couch and have TV time.
2PM – More emails. Schedule some bill payments. Briefly consider looking at wedding stuff but I just can’t get myself interested in doing this. Instead I opt to mop my kitchen and scrub the tile in my bathroom. See? I do housework!
5PM – Alex is home. We start to figure out what we want for dinner. I cooked yesterday so we settle on ordering out tonight.
5:30PM – We’re having an issue with our phones!! For some reason we can’t make calls in this area code, which results in not being able to order from our usual Chinese place. Uncool! I call the phone company. Alex finds another Chinese place in town with a website that you can order delivery from.
7:30PM – Ate dinner. Now we find a movie to watch. It’s on regular cable so there’s a million commercial breaks. Oh well. It’ll do.
10:30PM – I can barely keep my eyes open. I go lay down in bed and listen to my daily in this case nightly) devotional. Read a Bible chapter. Then it’s lights out!

Relay for Life 2013

28 Jun


So last weekend Alex and I participated in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. It’s a 24 hour event where your team takes turns walking laps around a track. Everyone has tents and little stands with raffles and games and whatnot. We were on a team with a bunch of my former Target coworkers….our team was TARGET A CURE!!! How cute is that? We had been raising money since the beginning of the year and my team was able to raise….$1,689.95!!! YAY!

Saturday night they held this really emotional luminaria ceremony in memory of those who lost their lives to cancer and in honor of those fighting and who have survived. Luminaria bags were lit and placed around the track with the names of loved ones. Above is my grandpa. He passed away when I was in middle school.

All in all, a really great weekend for a really great cause. I’m already looking forward to next year.


One step closer to healthy living

26 May

So Alex and I are not the best eaters. For starters, we have a real passion for trying out new microbreweries (which we use to blog about – maybe we’ll revisit that project?) We also don’t make very smart choices when we’re at home. So I’ve recently decided we really need to make a change.

I took the small step of looking into organic fruits and vegetables. I did some, not a lot, of research but it was enough to horrify me. We are very good at eating our fruits and veggies: I make fresh veggies with almost every meal and we always have apples or oranges in the house to snack on. But we are officially an organic fruit and veggie consumer. I will probably have us make the complete switch soon…but baby steps, folks.

I’ve heard about delivery services that will make you up a box of organic fruits and veggies (often that you can customize) and deliver them on a weekly or biweekly basis. The one I’m most interested in right now isDoor to Door Organics. They just fit our needs best. I am interested and did sign up for an account…but haven’t gone through with it yet. Has anyone out there used one of these delivery services? Are you happy with it? Would you recommend them?

Until next time!


Confession: I’m getting better

8 May


Hello again, Internet!

ImageThe classic bathroom pic…I wasn’t going to post this but, as I told a friend, when you look this good the background doesn’t matter. HA!

This is a confession that I’ve been meaning to write out for some time now, but I haven’t been able to figure out the correct way to put it out there. This upcoming Saturday is my original wedding date. This is the weekend Alex and I had been planning to get married when we first got engaged and were planning the big day. If I had went through with it I’d probably be driving myself insane this week.  But we pushed it back. I just couldn’t bring myself to plan the wedding at the time. It had absolutely nothing to do with Alex and my relationship, but it had a lot to do with outside people and situations that I just couldn’t handle at the time.

When I first started working fulltime, I was having some pretty intense mental breakdowns.  I would just come home and cry in my room every night. (Poor Alex.) They continued when we moved into our new place. I was working fulltime evening shift and driving home at 11:30 at night. Anything would set me off: The deer running out in the middle of the roads, the quiet compared to Philly, no matter how hard I tried I was always screwing something up at work, plus my job constantly talked about layoffs the first few months I was there..….it all just freaked the crap out of me. And I would just come home to a quiet house (Alex worked day shift so he was usually in bed or going to bed when I got home), and wake up the next morning to no one.

It slowly is getting better. Alex let me bring Boosh to live with us. We were originally not going to have any animals but I was just too depressed without my boopakins. So he arranged with my parents to have them bring the cat up to my place. He’s helped with so much of my loneliness it’s unreal. Fellow animal lovers will know what I’m talking about, right?

ImageHis face makes it all better. :-)

And there’s also the fact that I slowly started distancing myself more and more from people who make me feel not so great. Let me say, this is not a personal attack on ANYONE. But you just grow apart from people. It happens. And I just got tired of hanging out with people who only wanted to talk crap about another one of our friends, or finding out that I was the one who was being talked about by someone. It’s just not fun and at my age, I am just trying to find people I can chill with. Live and let live. That’s where I’m at right now.

I have had friends tell me they can’t be happy for me. They have gotten angry with me because I got engaged before they thought they would. Talked about me behind my back if I had to work rather than hang out, didn’t say this or go there, really anything. Maybe it’s silly to get worked up over things like this but I just don’t want to deal with it. I’d rather hang out with people who won’t criticize someone’s every move. Who will say they are your friend and actually mean it.

Let me just say, my current group of friends is AMAZING. I seriously think pushing my wedding back was a smart decision. When I think about how planning a wedding before would have been with planning it now, it’s insane to me how different the experiences would have been.  My bridesmaids are awesome. I’ve made friends in the past few months that I feel closer to than people I’ve known since gradeschool. I am out in my apartment in the middle of nowhere, handling things my way. No one else’s crap, family or friends, is relevant to what I’m doing.

I still have a lot to work through. I’ve considered going to therapy, but I don’t know if I have the patience to hear myself spilling my crap every single week. Right now I’m just trying to live my life. Some days feel horrible. Some feel amazing. I just need to remind myself that despite the circumstances they are ALL amazing.

No good.

6 Apr

This has been a sad couple of days. The other day we had to put our family dog down. Duchess was such a good girl. The best doggie ever.

ImageRest in peace, girlfriend.

We booked a venue!

11 Mar

ImageNo, it’s not Harrah’s, but it’s still a cool place.

Friday we finally made the commitment to a venue and a date. Now it feels real! Now I’m not just engaged, but I’m engaged and getting married on October 11, 2014. Ah!

Excited Excited,


I’m a moron

5 Mar

Because I honestly forgot my login info! AHHHH! So much for getting this thing up and running, huh? And I’m pretty disappointed too. The past few months have been interesting.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

I’ve landed my first RN job. Working second shift right now, switching to the 7a-3p soon. It’s going well.

WE MOVED. To an apartment in the SUBURBS. Me, Alex and Booshiecat. It’s a cool little hood with lots of breweries and shops and things to do. It’s different than the city. Lots more deer. It’s scary driving up here at night, I’ll say that.

Starting to plan the wedding. I started this last year when we got engaged but I got too overwhelmed and gave up. It’s nice starting over with a fresh plate though. All my original ideas have basically been tossed out the window, except for a few. I’m downsizing it and only paying for what I really want. It’s better that I waited til now to start all this.

I’ve been cooking alot. Coming up with some yummy stuff. And playing house. Getting this place decorated and looking like a real home has been a fulltime project on its own. We’re not quite done yet but it’s homey enough for now. Alex has his toys (TV, x-box, computer he’s building) all set up. We do have a ton of room for two adults and a cat, so we’re spread out nice and comfy. We can paint if we really want to…but I’m not sure even want to open that can of worms.

That’s all, until later,



First Day of Work + Turning 25

24 Jul

So yesterday was my first day of work!!!!! OK, it was orientation, but still….I am employed again!! And even better, I am making MONEY AGAIN!!! ::happy dance::

Working is really important to me. I am not the type who is happy being unemployed. In fact, I can NOT stand being unemployed. It gives me too much free time to spend doing nothing, and I just get lazy, plain and simple. When I’m working at least I have an excuse for being tired or not wanting to do other things I have to get done. When I’m not working, there is no excuse. After I gave my two weeks notice at my prior job they stopped scheduling me, so I literally sat around all day for weeks while Alex worked two jobs, and came home to my lazy ass on the bed watching Netflix. And I felt really really guilty about it.

So far I’ve been super impressed with the company I’m working for. I don’t want to give too many details about where I’m working on the Internet, obviously. But please believe me when I say so far it’s been awesome. Please please please believe that.

And here’s another exciting tidbit: tomorrow is my birthday!! 25 on the 25th. I am not big on celebrating my birthdays anymore, but I think this one is worth noting….I’m officially halfway through my twenties!!!
It’s kind of a scary age, and realizing I also have a wedding to plan and an apartment to search for/move into. Am I an adult yet? Not at all, but I’m well on my way to becoming one!!!

I don’t have any plans, since I’ll be working and all….. ;-P The past few birthdays we went away, which also doubled as our summer vacation. But we’re thinking of checking out a brewery later this week, and as a beer girl, I fully approve of this plan.

Until later,

- E

Drawer Organization

23 Jul

I’ve been seeing this idea floating all over the internet: folding your shirts file-style in your drawers. The logos/fronts of your shirts face up so you can see your options before you go plowing through your drawers looking for a specific one.

Here’s a before and after of my own sad dresser drawer.


isn’t it cool? Plus you can fit more clothes into your dresser this way, and everyone knows that empty drawer space = time to get more stuff!

Here’s Alex’s shirt drawer

. Image

Here’s a step by step in photographs, using one of Alex’s fanciest T-shirts.

ImageImageImageImageImageTa-da! The key is to make sure, in picture step 3, that the sleeves are folded in so the half-shirt (for lack of better words) forms a perfect rectangle. For shirts that have shorter sleeves that make it difficult to fold them in, I just skipped that step and it worked just fine.

Happy Monday!

- E

New opportunities

21 Jul

So yesterday was my last official day working for the agency. OK, technically I haven’t been scheduled since I put in my notice two weeks ago, but yesterday was my last day on payroll. I can’t say I’ll miss it. But I do appreciate the job opportunity. It taught me a few things. Mostly that I’m not a homecare nurse…and that’s ok. It just wasn’t for me. I’m really glad I learned that in the first leg of my nursing career though, and not later down the road. I still don’t know where I want to go with my nursing career, but I know some things that I can eliminate now.

I am beyond excited for my new job. I’m nervous about driving around an area I’m not familiar with but I’m sure I’ll get used to it after the first few shifts. And apartment hunting is exciting and scary since I don’t know the new area. But I really want to give this job my all. I think it will be an awesome learning experience.

Here’s to new challenges and opportunities!!

- E


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