Homemade granola

ImageI have been loving granola lately. Seriously. And it’s so, so easy to make. I like making it myself because i can control the ingredients much better than relying on the premade, store brought stuff. Not that I wouldn’t eat that either. I just love granola of all sorts lately.

Here’s an easy recipe from CHOW that I only slightly altered (mine didn’t include honey, and I threw in a 1/4 tsp of nutmeg). Mix ins are always fun too: For mine, I used golden raisins, craisins (not too much of either of these, didn’t want all that added sugar!) and sunflower seeds. Maybe I’ll do one with coconut shreds and chocolate chips for a fun one!

Anyone have any great ideas for mix ins?

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~ E




Relay for Life 2014

ImageRepresenting for my team!

This past weekend was a special one. I did the Relay for Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society. It’s my second year participating in this event and it’s something I look forward and work towards all year long. For those of you not familiar, Relay for Life is a 24 hour event where teams sign up and walk around a track, often doing it in shifts or maybe even as a whole team. People bring tents and camp out for the night, there’s all sorts of contests and events, and at the night there’s a memorial for those who are currently diagnosed, have beat their battle, or have died of cancer. Very emotional event. This year was double special because we held our first annual 5k, which is the first run I’ve participated in 10 years! My time wasn’t fantastic (37 minutes and some change) but I ran the whole thing, only stopping once!

I Relay with me former Target coworkers (how much do you love my themed team shirt???). Some of them still work for the company, others have moved on, but we are still close friends. The above picture is me as Relay was wrapping up. Sleep deprived, sweaty, sunburned (accidentally, I swear I used lots of sunscreen!!) and displaying my lap beads (one for each lap I walked – and a big one for the 5k). Altogether, I did 15 miles! My legs and back hurt, but I’m proud of our event and look forward to continuing to Relay for the cure!

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The World Cup is here

10476378_755608799651_696667444273500283_oI’m the captain.

So the World Cup began last week. Side note: I’m not a soccer fan. I am marrying a diehard fan, however. Diehard in that he is happy to wake up at 6AM on a Saturday and watch soccer until whatever time at night. And not just MLS soccer, no. The man watches matches from around the world, even in other languages. He’s got more scarves than I do. He’s participated in the American Outlaws support group and is an original Son of Ben. It’s a diehard passion of his.

So, that being said, I am not a soccer fan. I don’t HATE it, I am just more of a hockey and basketball girl. I didn’t grow up around soccer. I just never got into it. However, I appreciate the game, and much more, the fans. I love going to the SOB tailgates, cheering and just being around such a fun group of people. But I think it’s damn near impossible for a sports fan, even if not a soccer fan, to not get excited about the World Cup, even if it’s just a little. I can support anything that shows pride in our nation. And scarves! There’s nothing really like it, at least from what I’ve experienced.

THe US played Ghana on Monday. One of the best parts of living in/near Philly is we are near so many cool things, and sports bars are one of them. We spent a little time at THE US soccer pub, Fadó, and then headed across the street to Misconduct. TOO much fun at both stops. The atmosphere was just so patriotic and electric and fun. And getting to see highlights of other parts of not just our nation, but the WORLD, when the US won….it’s pretty cool. It’s not something you see in many other sports. It’s awesome.

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A new beginning

I’ve revamped this blog because….well, I guess just because. HA. I think too much of the prior content here was too depressing and honestly, who wants to read that crap. I want to blog more about the things that make me happy: food, design, exercise, music. Not my struggles.

So, here we go.